Notebook security lock.

Art. No. D31940
Weight 0.104 kg

24 months


Product Description

A notebook can be stolen in an instant. Expensive hardware and important data are lost. This can involve a lot of work and great expense. Police, insurance, data recovery etc. Targeted prevention is the answer. Easy, convenient and effective. Ideal for use in open-plan offices, public areas or when working from home.

Notebooks as well as projectors, monitors and printers can be effectively secured with the BASE XX locking systems. The Cable Lock Nano is suitable for all models with the commonly used 2.5 x 6mm slot and compatible with the Kensington Nano Security Slot*. Flexible workplace design thanks to rotatable head. The sheathed multi-strand steel cable is 1.5m long and has a diameter of 4.4mm. The functional Velcro strap allows the cable to be rolled up for compact storage and transportation. Two keys are included as part of the delivery. This lock is a standalone version and cannot be integrated into a larger locking system. *Nano Security Slot™ is a trademark of a third party without a connection to BASE XX.


  • Suitable for all devices with the commonly used 2.5 x 6mm slot
  • Coated multi-strand steel cable, 1.5m in length and with a diameter of 4.4mm
  • Three spacers supplied to ensure seamless fit for different models (0.4/0.8/1.6mm)
  • Flexible workplace design thanks to rotatable closing head and cylinder
  • Functional Velcro strap for compact storage and transportation
  • Two keys are included as part of the delivery

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Additional Information

Product Dimensions 2000 x 4.4 mm







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